Illusory Essence

kick common sense to the curb and make the impossible possible


:: There are three passions I will never give up in life: fandoms, heritage and love/gratitude ::

:: Everything in my life has a dream-like quality and everything in my dreams are strangely life-like.
The closest to reality I've ever felt is when I let go of everything and just live or during near-death situations.
But its most likely just because I'm a little less lazy when I think I'm going to die.

:: I'm such a procrastinator; I shouldn't have good grades or be successful at anything.
Somehow, however, it all works out.

:: Every religion contains art. It doesn't matter who is right. To date, I have been Atheist, Agnostic, Lutheran, Jehovah's Witness, Buddhist, and Wiccan.
Now, though, I am simply human.
I'll always believe in science and reincarnation (it's beautiful).

:: I'm not unstable, I can't stand routine.

:: I see faeries all the time because light likes to play tricks on me and I think that we killed off all the dragons and unicorns a long time ago.

:: Using the above comment as evidence, it can also be said that I am slowly following my mother's path on her old-age quest for insanity.
I'd like to believe it's going smoothly.

:: Letting the rain soak me to the bones is one of my simple pleasures.

:: One of my minor irrational fears is that I will someday be attacked by ninjas while I am relieving myself on the toilet.

:: In my next life, I want to be one of several space cowboys making a living off of bounties, traveling throughout several galaxies, and keeping Chinese traditional characters alive.

:: I am blessed with so many wonderful and diverse friends and family and their presence has undeniably saved me from death or worse.

Omae ga shinjiru... OMAE WO SHINJIRU!

:: Do your best and live life to the fullest ::

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